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Robert Dominguez is the host and creator of the

Bigfoot Club podcast. Formerly a bigfoot and paranormal researcher, 'Bigfoot Bob' is currently a comic book writer.

Robert’s passion is to help others who have experienced a cryptid or paranormal encounter, seeking the truth for those who need guidance. 


Steven Robert Dominguez is a goofy and good hearted man that was raised by 'Bigfoot Bob'. Steven is married and the father of twin boys.

Steven’s passions are movies, TV shows , books, music (a HUGE Deftones fan) and video gaming. He truly loves helping people, but most importantly is learning to love and help himself.


Side note - If you quote movies, love puns, and dad jokes... you will get along with Steven.

Juan Valdez is an offset duplicator and a true shade tree mechanic.

Juan's passions are fishing, racing, his family, cooking, and music. He kind of likes helping people too.



Juan believes in God and in science, saying that while they are contrasting, yes, there is proof in both.

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